Validated Assays

The lab has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness by leveraging state-of-the-art equipment to develop assays for a diverse range of challenging molecules, totaling more than 670.

Molecules with Low LLOQ

Sr. No. Molecules
1 Alverine
2 Alverine + Para Hydroxy Alverine
3 Amlodipine
4 Amlodipine in presence of Atorvastatin
5 Anagrelide
6 Atorvastatin and it's metabolites in presence of Aspirine and salicylic acid
7 Budesonide
8 Butylscopolamine
9 Calcitrol
10 Chlormadinone acetate
11 Chlormadinone acetate (in presence of EE)
12 Cinitapride
13 Clonidine
14 Clopidogrel
15 Colchicine
16 Dapsone
17 Dextromethorphan
18 Diclofenac
19 Doxepine and Nordoxepine
20 Estradiol
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Dr. Varad Pradhan

Head Bio-Analytical

"In our laboratory, validated assays are like strong foundations that help us achieve excellence. They show us the right way to get accurate and dependable results. As the Head of Department, I feel relieved knowing that our dedication to validation gives our team the ability to provide outstanding outcomes. This builds trust among patients and colleagues. Validated assays let us be more precise in our work and raise the quality of healthcare, positively affecting many lives."

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