Bio-analytical Lab

We have two fully equipped bio-analytical labs. These labs are equipped with high-end instruments that offer exceptional sensitivity and precision and are operated under harmonized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • 2 API 6500+
  • 12 API 5500
  • 2 API 4500
  • 2 API 4000
  • 2 Waters – Xevo TQ-XS
  • 5 Water -Xevo TQS
  • 1 Waters Xevo TQ

Bio Analytical Lab - Processes

At our laboratory, we adhere to strict protocols and utilize validated analytical methods to ensure precise and consistent results. We maintain rigorous quality control measures, including thorough documentation and record-keeping, at every stage of the process.


In any laboratory, safety is the top priority, and this is particularly true in our bio-analytical laboratory. To maintain safety, we follow strict safety protocols, such as using personal protective equipment (PPE), handling and disposing of chemicals properly, and adhering to safety guidelines. Our team at Accutest is well-trained in these procedures, and we regularly conduct safety training sessions to minimize risks and promote a safe working environment.


To ensure the quality and compliance of a BA/BE laboratory, audits are a crucial component. These audits can be conducted by regulatory authorities, accrediting bodies, or internally. During audits, the laboratory's processes, documentation, equipment, personnel competency, and adherence to good laboratory practices (GLP) are evaluated. The results of audits are utilized to identify areas for improvement, implement corrective actions, and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.


Maintaining the accuracy and reliability of laboratory equipment is crucial, and calibration plays a critical role in achieving this. Instruments used in BA/BE studies, including LC-MS/MS systems, balances, pipettes, and deep freezers, undergo regular calibration to ensure the precision and acceptability of the obtained results. The calibration process involves periodic checks, adjustments, and documentation of instrument performance to meet the required standards

Dr. Parikshit Champanerkar

Sr. Lab Manager (Bio-Analytical)

"Our Bioanalytical team consists of experts who analyse biological samples to measure drugs, metabolites, and biomarkers. We use advanced methods and tools to give precise data that is crucial for developing drugs, running clinical trials, and doing scientific research. We work hard to meet strict deadlines and collaborate well together, creating a friendly and energetic atmosphere for scientific advancements."

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