Biologics Lab

From next-generation sequencing and cell culture systems to high-throughput screening and protein purification platforms, we possess the tools necessary to address the diverse needs of our clients.

  • Synergy H1 MF Plate Reader
  • NGC Discover 10
  • UHPLC Shimadzu
  • Attune Acoustic Flow Cytometer

Biologics Assays

Assay Details Name of the Molecules
Immunogenicity hCG, FSH, EPO,
Anti D, Recombinant Anti D,
Trastuzumab, LMWH,
Somatropin(rhGh),Long Acting hGH and Exenatide
PK Assay Somatropin(rhGh),Long Acting hGH,
Equiune RBD& Fab-2 Covid treatment,
Rituximab, Dengue Virus MAb,
Trastuzumab, EPO and GCSF
PD Assay IGF-1, IGFBP-3 for hGH,
Anti-Factor IIa, Anti FactorXa, TFPI for LMWH & Heparin
Impurity Assessment Vildagliptin, Icatibant Acetate,
Porcine DNA, Lipid impurity in LMWH
Cell based Assay Glucose uptake, Abiogenesis, Inhibition of lipolysis,
Mitogenic for Insulin glargine
NAb Assay- hGH, MAB production Hybridoma technology
Characterization hPF4+LMWH Complex assessment by HPLC
Disulfide Bond Analysis, Peptide mapping
Intact Mass Analysis, N-terminal Sequencing for Bevacizumab

Srilatha badaboina

Senior Manager

"Our Biologics department plays a dynamic role in providing the Bio analytical testing services to compare the biosimilar candidate with the reference product to ensure similarity in critical quality attributes. Our scientist staff members are well trained to handle simple to challenging assays in targeted timeline asper regulatory requirement by maintaining quality standards."

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