Our Team

Suneel Regulla

Managing Director

I'm deeply passionate about the growth and sustainability of organizations.

I thrive on implementing strategies that foster long-term growth.

As a board member at Accutest, I collaborate with fellow board members and the executive team to evaluate opportunities, assess risks, and uphold corporate values, aiming to maximize value to society and to shareholders.

YNV Trinadha Babu


My passion lies in following good business practices and upholding ethical standards. With a deep belief that integrity and responsible conduct are essential for sustainable success, I strive to create a positive impact through my commitment to sound business principles.

By adhering to ethical guidelines and promoting transparency, I aim to contribute to the betterment of organizations and society as a whole.

Ashvin George


I’m passionate about driving operational and commercial excellence across organizations. I focus is on building and fostering high performance teams to drive sustainable long-term growth.

As a board member, I collaborate with the leadership team and the board to drive ethical and sustainable value maximization for customers, employees and shareholders.

Santosh Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO and Founder of Accutest, my responsibilities encompass overseeing all facets of the company's operations. With an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, I ensure that our services consistently exceed expectations. My deep-rooted expertise, backed by a Ph.D. in Chemistry and extensive experience, enables me to provide strategic guidance and foster innovation within the organization. Moreover, I am dedicated to nurturing a supportive work environment, prioritizing employees' well-being, and offering enticing benefits. Through my leadership, Accutest continues to thrive as a distinguished player in the industry, setting new standards of excellence.

I take immense pride in the remarkable achievements of our company and team, driven by our shared vision, relentless dedication, and unwavering commitment to surpassing expectations. As the CEO and Founder, it is an honor to lead this talented team towards extraordinary success.

Mr. Saumitra Bhat

Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO of Accutest, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table with my commerce graduate background and professional qualifications as a Chartered Accountant, along with credentials in Cost and Management Accountancy. With my strong educational foundation, I possess a deep understanding of financial management, accounting principles, and strategic decision-making. I am equipped to provide accurate financial analysis and forecasting to guide the company's financial planning and growth. Moreover, I lead a highly capable team of professionals, leveraging their diverse skill sets and expertise to drive financial efficiency, risk management, and optimize resource allocation. Together, we are committed to maintaining financial integrity, maximizing profitability, and achieving long-term success for Accutest.

Avdhoot Laud

Senior Vice President

As the Senior Vice President in the Quality Assurance Department at Accutest Research Laboratories India Pvt. Ltd., I bring a distinguished academic background and extensive professional experience. I hold a Doctor of Philosophy (Science) Degree in Chemistry, a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. With over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I have honed expertise in Quality Assurance, Bioanalysis, Clinical Trials, and Analytical R&D for API and formulation development. My career includes significant contributions to leading pharmaceutical companies, where I successfully managed inspections for GCP, GLP, GMP, and various facility approvals. I have faced and excelled in regulatory inspections from global authorities such as the US FDA, ANVISA, WHO, and others. My tenure at esteemed organizations like Alkem Laboratories, Macleods Ltd., and Cipla Ltd. underscores my commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical sector.

Dr. Naba Kumar Talukdar

Vice President

I am the Vice President of Clinical Services at Accutest, overseeing a team of talented professionals spread across Mumbai, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad. My team includes clinical heads, protocol specialists, statistical experts, medical writers, and Clinical Data Sciences (CDS) professionals. With a background in MD-Pharmacology and 22 years of experience in the field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure the successful execution of clinical trials and research projects. My role involves strategic leadership, protocol development, statistical analysis, medical writing, and managing CDS operations. I am dedicated to advancing clinical research and ensuring Accutest's commitment to excellence in healthcare services.

Jeetendra Donde

Head Human Resource

As the Head of Human Resource and Administration at Accutest, a leading CRO company, I bring a strong academic background in Economics and an MBA in HR, along with an exceptional track record spanning 25 years. With a steadfast commitment to employee well-being and growth, I spearhead initiatives that enhance benefits and provide unwavering support. By fostering a positive work environment, promoting work-life balance, and nurturing talent, I empower our workforce to excel, driving Accutest's success as an employer of choice in the industry.

This company presents immense opportunity to interact with people, help employees in making a real impact, continuous learning, empowering thru technology, problem solving and help build the company culture.

Dr. Shailesh Sonar

Head-Biologics (General Manager)

As the Head-Biologics (General Manager) at Accutest Biologics, I leverage extensive experience over two decades and PhD in Life Sciences (from BARC, Mumbai) to lead a highly efficient team. As a techno-commercial head, my role involves overseeing biologics-related operations, ensuring precision and excellence. With a proven track record in Drug Discovery, Personalized Medicine, Biosimilars & Generic Peptides, I contribute to the success of Accutest Biologics, driving advancements in the field.

Dr. Pratikkumar Asari

Senior Manager

As the Clinical Head and Facility Incharge of the Vadodara Clinical Facility, I bring extensive expertise in clinical research and subject care, backed by an MD in Pharmacology and 8 years of experience. My responsibilities encompass the supervision and administration of clinical operations, prioritizing the delivery of exceptional healthcare services and ensuring the well-being and safety of volunteers and patients. Motivated by a deep-rooted passion for healthcare, I play a vital role in spearheading and upholding the standards of excellence at the Vadodara Clinical Facility.

I take pride in being part of this organization having family-like environment and great company culture.

Sunil Bharti

General Manager - Business Development

Im a seasoned professional with a strong background in business development and sales, having recently joined the organization as the General Manager of the Business Development department. With an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and additional training from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, I bring over 25 years of experience to the table. My expertise spans various healthcare domains, including Pharma, Diagnostics, Orthopedics, Medical Devices, Genomics, and Ophthalmology. Im passionate about driving transformation and change management within the healthcare sector, and Im excited to contribute my skills to our team.

Milind Nemane

Deputy General Manager

As the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) Head for the Mumbai Unit, I bring a wealth of expertise with 23 years of total experience. A Post Graduate in Chemistry, I am responsible for ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines, implementing quality systems, conducting audits, and overseeing the entirel quality assurance activities of the unit. I lead a team of quality professionals, driving continuous improvement initiatives and upholding the highest standards of quality and compliance at Accutest's Mumbai Unit.

Being associated here & working in pharma sector, makes my dream come true of helping for the betterment of society & contributing towards the Nations growth.

Sarika Rastogi

General Manager Finance

As the General Manager of the Finance & Accounts department at Accutest, I bring a comprehensive skill set with an M.Com degree and a Diploma in Computer Software. With 19 years of experience, I excel in various areas including Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Risk management, Budgeting, Variance analysis, MIS, Financial Planning, Accounts payable and receivable. By managing day-to-day operations, I ensure smooth financial processes and provide strategic guidance to support Accutest's growth. With a meticulous approach and a focus on efficiency, I contribute to the company's financial stability and success.

Abhishek Kumar

Assistant General Manager

I'm the Assistant General Manager for Biologics at Accutest Biologics Pvt. Ltd., a company with its distinct experience in biologic products testing services. I've been in these services for 15 years, and my main job is to bring in new business. I've worked in different segments of the pharmaceutical industry, starting from when they first discover a new drug all the way to when it's available for people to use. I'm a pharmacist and management graduate which means I have master's degree in pharmacy, and I've also studied business admin. My goal is to help our company grow and succeed by finding new opportunities in the biologics field.

Dr. Himanshukumar Amin

Lead Research Coordinator

As the Principal Investigator at the Vadodara Clinical Facility, part of Accutest, a renowned CRO company, I hold an MBBS degree and boast a decade of extensive experience in both clinical research and practice. pivotal role in overseeing and leading clinical Studies, ensuring adherence to protocols and patient safety.This unique combination equips me with a deep understanding of medical principles and a comprehensive knowledge of research methodologies. By leveraging my expertise, I ensure the successful execution of clinical trials and studies and contribute to advancing medical knowledge and improving subject outcomes.

It's an honor and a privilege to be part of india's first independent CRO, an organization that deeply cares about its employees and customers like one family.

Deepak Saigaonkar

Assistant General Manager

As the Assistant General Manager in the Supply Chain Department, specializing in Materials Management & Supply Chain Management, at Accutest, I possess an MBA in Materials Management & Supply Chain and a Diploma in Materials Management (D.M.M.). In this crucial role, I am entrusted with diverse responsibilities, including strategic vendor management, contract negotiations, cost optimization, and ensuring seamless procurement processes. I lead cross-functional teams, Plan and implement the overall supply chain strategy and innovative supply chain practices. By leveraging my expertise, I contribute to Accutest's operational excellence, cost savings, and overall supply chain and logistics strategy in order to maximize the process efficiency and productivity, elevating the company's supply chain to new heights.

Satyam Ghag


As the Manager of Project Management at Accutest I am involved all the stages of project life cycle. I hold a Master's degree in Chemistry, a PG degree in Marketing and Sales, and a certification in Digital Marketing. This combination of scientific proficiency and business acumen with an overall experience of more than 17 years, enables me to excel in overseeing and executing projects with utmost precision. I leverage my extensive knowledge and experience in lab work to ensure the successful application of scientific processes, while my training in marketing and sales enables me to engage clients strategically, drive business growth, and deliver great outcomes for Accutest.

What inspires me the most here is the drive to become the best in the business. Accutest allows me to work on complex projects and make a genuine difference with my work and I feel privileged to work alongside some of the best talents in the industry.

Ms. Manasi Kadam

Bio-analytical Investigator

As a Bioanalytical Investigator at Accutest, a trusted CRO company, I hold an M.Sc degree and boast extensive experience. As the oldest and most trusted employee, my responsibilities encompass leading and conducting bioanalytical investigations. I design and execute experiments, analyze and interpret data, and provide critical insights. I ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and maintain the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Through my expertise, I contribute to Accutest's reputation as a reliable provider of bioanalytical services, driving client satisfaction and successful project outcomes.

It's an honor for me to be founder member of such an illustrious corporation , Accutest Research Laborotories, a brand name in the CRO industry. It has also been my privilege to work with very experienced and informed seniors, which has aided my professional development.

Dr. Shardul Doctor

Assistant General Manager

As the Principal Investigator and Clinical Head at Accutest, a leading CRO, I possess a distinctive combination of qualifications and experience. With an MBBS degree and an MPA from the USA, I have spent 6 years working in both government and private hospitals, gaining invaluable clinical expertise. Additionally, I have dedicated 11 years to the field of clinical research, honing my skills in study management and ensuring regulatory compliance. My comprehensive background and extensive experience set me apart as a highly capable and unique professional in the industry.

Renu Singh

Senior Executive

As the Manager of the Marketing and Branding Department at Accutest, I bring a powerful combination of a B.Com degree and a PG Diploma in Voice Over Acting. With a strong focus on quality, I excel in event organization, ensuring flawless execution and memorable experiences. My exceptional communication skills enable me to effectively convey brand messages and engage audiences. With confidence and a willingness to learn, I constantly seek innovative marketing strategies to drive growth. I am committed to delivering high-quality results and enhancing Accutest's brand reputation in the industry.

I take pride in the team's expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence, which collectively contribute to our outstanding performance and success.

Dr. Tushar Awari

Medical Officer

Dr. Tushar Awari is a highly skilled Medical Officer with 8 years of experience in the Contract Research Organization (CRO) industry. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Health Science (B.A.M.S), equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of alternative medicine and traditional healing practices. Dr. Awari's expertise lies in conducting clinical trials, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines, and providing accurate medical assessments. His strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and dedication to patient care have made him a valuable asset in the Organization

Dilip Patil

Manager Finance

As the Account and Finance Department Manager at ARL, I bring a wealth of experience in areas such as GST, TDS, and Accounting. With a proven track record, I am trusted to handle financial matters with utmost integrity and accuracy. Clients and colleagues depend on my expertise to ensure compliance and optimize financial processes. By maintaining meticulous records and providing reliable financial insights, I contribute to the overall success and stability of the organization. My commitment to excellence and attention to detail make me a valuable asset to the team.

Teena Aidasani

Assistant Manager

I am an Assistant Manager in the Finance and Accounts department with a Chartered Accountancy qualification and five years of experience. My expertise spans across various areas, including accounting, auditing, and taxation, with a focus on GST (Goods and Services Tax). I contribute to efficient financial management and compliance, ensuring accurate financial reporting and tax compliance for our organization. My role involves overseeing financial processes, conducting audits, and navigating complex tax regulations to optimize financial operations.

Vikas Burte

Assistant Manager

As an Assistant Manager in the Human Resource (HR) department at Accutest, I bring a strong educational background with a B.Sc. degree and a PG Diploma in Human Resource Management. I am recognized for being supportive and helpful in various HR responsibilities, including payroll management, compliance, and more. By ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing and maintaining adherence to legal requirements, I contribute to a smooth and efficient HR function. With a commitment to employee satisfaction and organizational success, I play a vital role in supporting the HR team and driving Accutest's growth.

Rohini Tingare

Senior Research Officer

Ms. Rohini Tingare, a dynamic force in the world of research as a Sr. Research Officer . With a qualification in B. Pharm, she possesses a solid educational foundation. Ms. Tingare is renowned for her unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic. Her commitment to excellence and her passion for pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration set her apart. As a valuable asset in the CRO industry, she continues to drive groundbreaking research with her meticulous approach and unwavering focus.

Hemangi Rane


As the Manager of the Quality Assurance Unit-BAL at ARL, I hold an MSC degree in Chemistry. My responsibilities include conducting internal audits, reviewing protocols and reports, and accompanying sponsor auditors or regulatory auditors when necessary. I am also in charge of reviewing and updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and applicable regulatory requirements. By maintaining strict adherence to protocols and regulations, I contribute to the quality and integrity of ARL's operations.

I take pride in being part of Accutest who are passionate about quality and growth which definitely lead the road to success.

Mahesh Chaudhari

Assistant Manager

As the Clinical QUA Group Leader at ARL, I hold a Master's degree in Pharmacy with 9 years of experience. My role involves performing in-process and retrospective audits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. I am responsible for the development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to maintain quality and consistency in clinical operations. By effectively managing quality assurance activities, I contribute to the successful execution of clinical trials and ensure the delivery of reliable and accurate results for ARL.

Pradnya Raut

Human Resource Executive

As an HR executive at Accutest, I oversee all aspects of employee operations and the entire employee life cycle. I ensure that our employees receive comprehensive benefits and make it a priority to create an environment where employees feel comfortable and find it easy to approach me for any concerns or discussions.

Abhishek Tripathi

Senior Officer

As a Senior Officer in the Account and Finance department at Vadodara Clinical Facility of ARL, I bring 12 years of invaluable experience in the field of Accounts and Purchase. With a strong background in financial management, I am adept at handling financial transactions, managing budgets, and ensuring accurate record-keeping. By implementing effective financial strategies and maintaining compliance with regulations, I contribute to the smooth functioning of the facility's financial operations.

Komal Deshmukh

Research Officer

As a Research Officer in the Statistics Department at Accutest, I hold a B.Sc. in Statistics and possess 2.5 years of experience. In my role, I am responsible for conducting statistical analyses on research data, interpreting results, and generating meaningful insights. I collaborate with cross-functional teams to design studies, develop statistical methodologies, and ensure data quality and integrity. I contribute to the accurate and reliable interpretation of research findings, aiding in evidence-based decision-making processes at Accutest.

Kishor Chimankare

Senior Executive

As a Senior Executive in the Instrumentation department at Accutest. I possess extensive expertise in managing all aspects of instrumentation, with a particular focus on LCMS. With a strong track record of 12 years, I am committed to ensuring seamless operations and promptly addressing any equipment breakdowns. My proficiency and dedication contribute to the overall success of the department and the company as a whole.

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