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Meet Santosh S. Joshi

CEO, Mumbai

At the helm of Accutest, guiding our journey towards innovation and excellence is Dr. Santosh Joshi, a visionary leader with an unwavering passion for both technology and cars. With this unique blend of expertise, Dr. Joshi brings a dynamic and transformative approach to our company, driving us to new horizons.

From the outset, Dr. Joshi has been driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand how things work and a desire to push boundaries. This innate love for exploration led him to carve an impressive career path in the CRO industry. Armed with a profound understanding of cutting-edge technology, he seamlessly blends his tech-savvy, business acumen with an equally fervent love for automobiles. Be it being actively engaged in the design of labs leveraging technology or discussing the finer details of a new clinical exploration with our researchers, he’s like a trailblazer leading us on the path to success.

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Meet Jeetendra Donde

HR, Mumbai

As an Head HR, JD finds his inspiration in the harmonious blend of two contrasting passions; motorcycling and 90s rock songs! Just as riding a motorcycle requires balance, agility and a keen sense of adventure, he navigates the complexities of human resources with the same spirit. The rebellious energy of 90s rock fuels his drive to challenge norms, embrace change and foster a work environment where individuality thrives.

With a heart pounding to the rhythm of raw emotions and lyrics that resonate, He seeks to create a harmonious symphony of Teamwork, Growth & Empowerment. This synergy of passion will ignite the fire in all employees, propelling them towards Excellence and Success.

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Meet Renu Singh

Sr. Executive (Marketing & Branding), Mumbai

Renu’s passion for voice-over and singing has found a perfect outlet at Accutest. Her exceptional skills were showcased at our recent corporate event, where she lent her captivating voice as the backdrop in a video.

Having been with Accutest for over two years, Renu’s journey has been one of growth and exploration. Starting from administrative roles, she embraced the opportunity to transition into sales and marketing, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability within the company.

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Meet Rohini

BA/BE, Mumbai

Rohini is a multifaceted individual with a unique blend of talents that set her apart. Alongside her role as a Senior Research Officer in a renowned CRO company, she is also a gifted jewellery artist and artistic painter. Her artistic abilities bring an added dimension to her job profile, as she possesses a keen eye for detail, color, and design.

This additional talent allows her to approach her scientific research with creativity and innovation, resulting in fresh perspectives and unique insights. Rohini’s ability to seamlessly integrate her artistic skills with her professional expertise makes her a valuable asset to the company, bringing a fresh perspective and a touch of creativity to her work.

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Meet Pramod

Bio analytical, Mumbai

Mr. Pramod possesses a unique strength that sets him apart for the role of Senior Manager in the Bioanalytical Department of our CRO company. In addition to his exceptional qualifications and experience, Mr. Pramod is a talented flute player. This talent not only showcases his artistic abilities but also highlights his dedication, discipline, and ability to excel in diverse areas.

It demonstrates his capacity to approach challenges creatively, think critically, and maintain a balanced perspective. Mr. Pramod’s proficiency in playing the flute reflects his commitment to precision, harmony, and attention to detail, qualities that would greatly contribute to his success in a senior managerial position.

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Meet Dr. Parikshit Champanerkar

Bio analytical, Mumbai

Marathon has given me discipline, skills and experience that have not only helped me physically but mentally as well. I strongly believe in famous lines about life "Don’t race to be the first in life, watch and learn from those who race to be the first and be better than them." Never rush to be the first. Slow down and be your best.

As being part of leadership team I strongly believe that leadership is a marathon, not a sprint and experiencing what is needed to run a marathon helped me become what I am today. It taught me about goals setting and how to achieve them, how to create sustainable change that will lead to long term success. It also helped me to maintain my focus on track under pressure, work-life balance and keep me calm in difficult situations.

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Meet Akhilesh Singh

Bio analytical, Mumbai

Akhilesh’s passion for cycling and running brings significant advantages to his role as a Senior Research Scientist at Accutest. His experience as a cyclist and runner instills qualities such as discipline, resilience, and goal-oriented thinking, which seamlessly transfer into his scientific research. The dedication required to train for endurance sports mirrors the commitment needed for meticulous scientific experimentation.

Akhilesh’s athletic pursuits enhance his ability to overcome challenges, maintain focus during long hours of analysis, and persevere through complex research problems. Furthermore, the physical fitness acquired through cycling and running ensures that he has the stamina and mental sharpness to excel in demanding research environments.

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